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May 2016

Read more about the VP8 DXpeditions.

April 2016

What do I need to get started  using  JT65, JT9 and WSPR modes with  WSJT-X? 

Read this great guide called “The Old Codger’s Guide to JT65 JT9 via WSJT-X by Andy K3UK.”

Download and install the following software:

The latest version of WSJT-X (trust me, use no other SW for JT modes and WSPR, not JT-65HF and not WSJT).

The latest version of JTAlert, sound files and  database files.You need an existing  electronic log for this app to be effective.

To sync your PC clock better much than the installed Windows program use this link.

You will also need an internal or external sound card or a radio that does not require a separate sound card   (if you are already doing any other Data modes like RTTY you are already set).
I use the simple and inexpensive SignaLink USB external sound card.

I would also suggest joining the free “Obrien's Web” to better coordinate your QSOs with other LoTW users. The site is a great tool for hunting awards .

Visit to see the full value of the WSPR mode (WSPR is part of the WSJT-X suite -- drop down from "mode")  

Another great application is HAM Spots – see where you are being heard and who you are hearing and spotting.

I would also suggest joining the WSJT group on 

January 2016

The Long Path Presentation by K6NA, W6YA and W6YI

W6YA's Deleted Entries Chase