The San Diego DX Club

Hall of Fame



Current Members in the Hall:
2017 John Barcroft,
2017 Glenn Rattmann,
2012 Jim McCook,
2011 Harry Hodges,
1995 Ed Andress,
1994 Otto Miller,
1993 Dick Shanks,


The Hall of Fame is more than just an award, it is a permanent and perpetual recognition of a member's lifetime achievements.

The actual award plaque is given once per year at an induction ceremony at the Christmas meeting and the inductee's name is added to the perpetual list of past winners which may be printed on the club letterhead, published in the club newsletter and on the web site. The winner of the award is announced in the club newsletter in advance to allow any member to be present to honor their colleague.

A member in the Hall of Fame will stay there for as long as the club continues to support this awards program.

Nominations may be made at any time by any member of the club to the chairman of the awards committee. In addition, each member of the committee will make their own nomination. Nominations may be duplicated. The committee will then discuss the qualifications of each nominee and then vote to determine the winner. The committee may also vote to not induct anyone into the Hall of Fame in a given year. In case of a tie, the committee will continue discussions until a consensus can be reached.

Voting will be based on the committee's judgment of which nominee best meets these criteria:
a. A MIXED DXCC country total which is among the top totals in the club. Additional credit is given to those with top totals in the other categories of CW, PHONE, and individual bands.
b. A lifetime record of achievement in DX'ing including all awards, DX contest victories, number of years as a DX'er, and general recognition among peers.
c. A lifetime record of service to the DX community including participation in the administration of the club or in club activities, publication of articles on DX'ing, helping newcomers, and participation in DX'peditions.