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California "Distracted Driver" law changed:

New legislation was signed into law by Gov. Brown on Sept. 26th. It appears that Amateur Radio has lost the clear exemption that we had in the previous version of the Vehicle Code, making room for interpretations by law enforcement whereby Hams could be ticketed.

Make sure you Read up on this and are aware of the changes.


Next Regular Meeting:

October 26th, 2016

Moon Bounce by Paul Chominski, WA6PY

Paul got novice license SP5CIC (80 and 40 m 15W CW only) in 1967. He soon became interested in EME and with his brother Mike SP5CJT built 4 x 5.5 m long yagi array for 144 MHz. One week later the antenna was totally destroyed in a storm. As his brother Mike went to the military and he concentrated on finishing his university study, he built equipment for 432 MHz.

In 1976 he began to assemble a stress dish, but realized it was too large for the roof of the house. He then moved to SM0 and started from scratch, but was soon on HF and 144 MHz EME and then 1296 and 432. After a few years he became SM0PYP and added 2304 MHz. He moved to San Diego in April 1996 and started fresh again with 10 GHz EME and a single yagi for 144 from a rented house. When he bought a house in RB, he slowly built more antennas and is currently on 1.8MHz to 10 GHz with DXCC on several bands.


Save the date! December 18th
SDDXC Holiday Party

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Meetings are normally held the fourth Wednesday of the month
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